An Autumn Romance

27 Feb

Gwen loved to take walks and watch the leaves changing colors. She loved the view and the crispness of the air as she walked alone to clear her thoughts. Everyone in the family was picking on everyone else and she just wanted some peace. Quietly, she had slipped out to go for a lonely walk and had not seen anyone else for the last ten minutes that she had been out here.

Peace was returning to her and she did not feel like she wanted to strangle someone. Taking a deep breath, she turned toward home and her thoughts went to the loudness that would meet her ears when she got home.

As she turned, she crashed into a hard male body that had only been inches behind her. They tried to regain their balance as they struggled against each other. As they stood there wrapped in each other’s arms, a smile graced upon Gwen’s face and she replied, “Sorry, I did not know you were that close when I turned. My name is Gwen.”

“My name is Chase…” and he seemed to lose his train of thought as he gazed into a pair of deep blue eyes and his manly desires were going wild as she stood with her body pressed against his.

As the leaves continued to change, their feelings deepened for each other and they met daily to walk in the ever-changing colors. They would walk hand in hand for what seemed hours, talking about their day at work, and they fell head over heels in love with each other. Chase took Gwen home to meet his family and she took him home to meet her family. They fit perfectly with the others family.

Winter would be upon them before they knew what happened and they made plans to continue their relationship during the ever changing seasons. Plans were to get membership at a gym and walk on the track as they were doing now. Other joggers and walkers could just go around them. They started making plans for the rest of their lives as they could not picture their future without the other involved. They knew what started as an autumn romance was now turning into a lifetime commitment and their love shined from their eyes for everyone to see.


Winter Romance

27 Feb

The snow was falling fast and hard outside the Vermont cabin Josephine and Blake rented for the weekend. They had wanted a retreat like this for months. Away from the crazy, busy city life they live. Almost a foot of snow was already on the ground. But they did not seem to mind. They had everything they needed in that cabin. No cell phone, no computer, not even cable TV. No, all they needed was each other. Ready to relax and unwind, Josephine sat in front of the fireplace. Blake brought her over a blanket and placed it around her shoulders. “The snow is so beautiful“, Josephine said. “Not as beautiful as you”, Blake replied. She could not help but smile at his compliment. Blake always made her feel so adored and she loved that, as any woman would.

They sat together and watched the snow and the fire. Two opposites yet both created beautiful scenes. It reminded Josephine of herself and Blake. They have been dating for the last two years and she was finally feeling like they had everything put together in their relationship. Things were difficult at times. She came from a rich family that expected her to marry a man from another rich family. Blake was nowhere close to that and nothing at all like the man her parents wanted her to be with. He was a hard worker but work was hard to find, especially in winter. So he was laid off often and struggled to even pay his rent sometimes. But she knew if they stuck together and showed her parents that they loved each other and that was all that mattered, eventually they would accept it. This Christmas they had gotten both their parents together for a meal and everything went well. She felt like everyone was getting along and even her parents seemed genuine with Blake, not just putting on a show as usual, and then complaining to her on the phone.

“Well I better go start dinner”, Josephine said. She went into the kitchen and started preparing a meal. Blake said he was going to get more firewood and headed outside. After he brought the firewood in, he went back out again. When he came in he was empty handed this time. Josephine asked him what he had gone out for that time. Blake said, “I had to get something from the car”. He walked over to Josephine and got down on one knee, pulled out a ring box and opened it. Staring back at Josephine was the most beautiful diamond she had ever seen. “Will you marry me?” he asked. Tears filled her eyes as she tried to say “yes I will” without choking on her words. Knowing that he must have been saving all his money for this, she felt like the luckiest girl alive. A man so kind and loving asked her to marry him. He did not have much, yet everything he had, he gave to her.

After, they hugged and she wiped her tears away. Blake told her how he even asked her father for permission. Scared to hear how her father reacted she tightly closed her eyes. “No, it is okay.” Blake said, “We had a long talk and I told him I will take care of you and he does not have to worry. And he gave me his blessing.” Now Josephine sighed with relief. They spent the weekend wrapped up in a blanket by the fireplace watching the snow. Of course, Josephine often watched her diamond sparkle too!